Aero Probably the first in a series of enthusiast VR headsets

Varjo’s Aero headset is the company’s first aim to attract individual customers rather than large organizations… and it probably won’t be the last. Since the company’s inception, Varjo has sold high-end corporate headsets to Fortune 500 companies. That’s until last month when the company began shipping its new Aero headset, which was not only significantly … Read more

G-Suite Tips to Make Workplace Collaboration Less Frightening

Given the benefits of better collaboration, why do some employees embrace it, while others do not? Companies clearly recognize the potential of collaboration to significantly impact productivity and innovation. Many businesses have adopted tools and technologies that enable and encourage collaboration in their organization. Here are G-Suite tips to make workplace collaboration less frightening. Just … Read more

WireGuard: A Breakthrough in Online Security

Nearly two decades ago the VPN industry saw an upgrade in tunneling protocols. The upgrade came in the form of OpenVPN, an open-source protocol that has dominated the market to this day. I think some significant progress has been made with the development of WireGuard and a breakthrough in online security. WireGuard is a type … Read more

Is AI Really a Threat to Traditional Jobs?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most popular buzzwords in the IT industry today. This has raised the confidence of tech pundits, but has also struck fear in the hearts of salaried professionals and small business owners. Some businesses believe that AI technology is coming after their jobs and companies. However, what is … Read more

Productivity at Work — it is Possible

What is the one thing connecting millions of workers around the world? It is the desire to have more productivity at work, work fewer hours, and be on top of all projects. But can this wish really be achieved? Productivity at work – it’s possible. Basically – “Life is too complicated not to settle.” ~ … Read more

Interviews with Media Buying Experts

Welcome to part three of a series of interviews with media buying experts that provide helpful strategies for smart media buying. Part One covers common media buying strategies from the userbase, and Part Two covers Facebook ad buying with Yellowhammer. In part three, we are covering an underappreciated channel, Native Advertising. Introducing media buying experts … Read more

How to Cultivate the Skill of Being a Creative Leader

Effective leadership requires you to be determined, courageous, persuasive and integral to name a few key attributes. Successful leaders are some of the most creative people in business. They are the ones who focus on resourceful and imaginative solutions and drive teams and companies to grow and innovate. Here’s how to develop the skills to … Read more

Recovering from Business Difficulties; Resilient SEO

Building a resilient workforce should be one of the top priorities of the company. You can build a resilient workforce by ensuring that the company gets to keep its talented and reliable employees. These are your employees who can perform well under pressure. A dependable workforce keeps the company afloat, ensuring its survival and staying … Read more

Casper Mattress in Every Preference and Price Point

After reading about the explosive growth in internet mattress, bed-in-box companies, I finally decided to try shopping online for a mattress. To ease the idea of ​​buying a mattress on the internet, I chose the Casper mattress as my choice. There’s a Casper mattress here to suit every taste and price. Part of my decision … Read more