Test de C-Band à New York Verizon 5G surpasse T-Mobile

This story was updated on January 21 with additional test results. Verizon’s 5G C-band is the biggest upgrade in the carrier’s years, and it’s making a real difference. In our tests, the C-band boosted Verizon 5G speeds to 735 Mbps, which is similar to what we’ve seen previously with the company’s “national” 5G network. This … Read more

Computational thinking is for everyone

As a freshman Duke student pursuing a career in medicine, Benjamin Asomani was curious about computer science and coding, but was wary of taking courses without prior exposure to the field. At the suggestion of another student, he took part in the Summer 2021 Code+ program, while learning CSS and HTML skills as part of … Read more

Harnessing noise in optical computing for AI

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are currently influencing our lives in many small but impressive ways. For example, AI and machine learning applications recommend entertainment that we can enjoy through streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify. In the near future, these technologies are predicted to have an even greater impact on society through activities … Read more