Adidas cloth Company  new Branch में पैकिंग के लिए और वहां पर काम करने के लिए बहुत सारे लोगों की जरूरत है 

India :- Delhi 

Job details 


₹ Unlimited/- month 

Job Type 


Regular / Permanent

Full Job Description 

Adidas cloth packing New branch need a lot of people ,who can make him a branch ,and ,good good people can also work in him…

Job Types: Full-time, Regular / Permanent 

Salary: ₹Unlimited per month 


Day shift 


• MINIMUM: 0 years (Preferred) 

• MAXIMUM: 0 years (Preferred) 

Branch arrangements :- There is a full arrangement of food, if somewhere came from far away, But ₹1700 month will be cut. 


Any bit 

Hiring Insights 

Hiring 700+ candidate for this role 

Urgently hiring 

Job activity 

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Apply online link :- click here

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