Interviews with Media Buying Experts

Welcome to part three of a series of interviews with media buying experts that provide helpful strategies for smart media buying. Part One covers common media buying strategies from the userbase, and Part Two covers Facebook ad buying with Yellowhammer.

In part three, we are covering an underappreciated channel, Native Advertising. Introducing media buying experts from Advida’s Ryan Scibelli.

Native advertising is an effective channel for promoting direct exposure.
Native advertising is advertising material that is mixed into websites and their articles. Here’s an example of an Amazon ad on Yahoo Sports:

Native advertising is a compelling channel for direct exposure promotion. Generating valuable brand awareness should be visible next to high-quality content. To find examples, and recommended placements for testing this channel, Ryan recommends MSN, AOL, and

Effective native advertising requires understanding that this is actual ad content: Native content ad placement occurs next to articles, and when clicked, that ad directs the user to promotional material designed for display.

You have two important levers with native ad units:
1) The higher the click-through rate on your native ad unit, the lower the cost per click.

2) The quality of the destination landing page to entice and convert the user.

First, do you mind introducing yourself and your media buying prowess?
Sure. I’m Ryan Scibelli, CEO of Advida is a performance marketing media buying agency that helps businesses acquire more customers. What makes our model unique is that we are paid only for the results.

How did you start learning and buying media?
I have been involved in the performance marketing industry since 2008. For a long time, I ran a business that combined brands with performance marketers.

In 2013 I had a friend who asked if he could start a new business venture from my office. Mitra and his team were heavily involved in native advertising and media buying. He suggested I give it a try, and within a few weeks, I was spending $10,000/day on native ads promoting my clients’ products and helping them build new clients.

How did you get such instant success in Desi?
I was in a unique position, as I already had a deep understanding of display marketing and a bird’s eye view of the top performing online advertisers. I would say the most important catalyst for finding immediate success was jumping into the trenches and spending too much time researching and planning.

You can research display marketing, media shopping, or native advertising for days, weeks, or months, but nothing compares to real-world experience using your own money.

What tips do you have for advertisers considering testing Native Ad Networks?
To be successful in native, you need a versatile product that appeals to a wide audience. You won’t have laser targeting used with Google and Facebook ads. Your products, marketing messages, and landing pages will need to appeal to the public in order to be successful and scale using local ads.

Once you’re ready, you’ll need to create performance-oriented content. The best way to do this is to analyze the problem you solve for your product and consumers. Then develop content that educates potential customers on why they should use your product or service.

You’ll come to the market for native ads with multiple creatives, landing pages, and product pages.
Understand that finding a profitable funnel can take days or even weeks of testing. Keep your testing process simple at the beginning by using a high-quality native ad network like Tabola, Outbrain, Verizon, or RevContent. Deploy your origin-oriented content in a handful of high-quality placements like MSN, AOL, and Start with the best local traffic available and limit the possible variables.

Native ad network auctions operate on an eCPM model.
Focus on locating a high CTR creative for your product that also generates sales. This will enable you to get quality local traffic on premium placements at the lowest possible CPC. Use every resource available, including connecting with a representative of any local ad network you’re working with.

Representatives from a native ad network can provide you with important information to help you better core the Platform and be successful. Ask your representative questions such as What is the average CTR on your premium news inventory?

What is a good starting bid for desktop traffic? How does your algorithm work? Having these answers can help you make better decisions in all your campaigns.

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