Casper Mattress in Every Preference and Price Point

After reading about the explosive growth in internet mattress, bed-in-box companies, I finally decided to try shopping online for a mattress. To ease the idea of ​​buying a mattress on the internet, I chose the Casper mattress as my choice. There’s a Casper mattress here to suit every taste and price.

Part of my decision was based on the idea that they offered a brick-and-mortar presence where I could still do the good old “lay on every mattress in the store” test. After all, buying a mattress has become an investment, and sleep is everything.

Here’s what I thought about my experience with Casper Mattresses, including what it was like to shop for a mattress online.

About Casper Mattress
Casper Mattress was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in New York City. It is still considered a startup because it continued to receive funding until recently, earlier this year.

The company sells mattresses in the US and Canada as both an e-commerce and traditional retail company. The mattresses are all made in California, which I really like.

mattress shopping online
Casper Mattress has a very straightforward and transparent process of buying a mattress. It only took me a few minutes to click on the mattress I wanted and place my order. This was probably one of the most natural things I’ve ordered, especially considering it was such an important purchase.

mattress type
The company has a wide number of mattress types. For this review and my own use, I’m using The Casper, which is their original mattress and starts at $595.

There’s also the Essentials, their new entry-level mattress model, starting at $395. The Wave, which is their high-end mattress, starts at $1,345. All three mattresses are available in six sizes.

Wave adds gel pods to the mattress, which are believed to provide an additional cooling mechanism for even greater comfort.

The mattress has a 10-year warranty, which is relatively standard for warranties on mattresses.

mattress set-up
The mattress came in a compartment, which made it easy to climb up. This works best on a bed frame that is either a platform or one with a wooden slat so that it can hold the weight of the mattress. NS. Casper mattresses basically open and inflate within a few hours and are ready to use, making it an easy set-up process.

While you don’t need to put your box under it, I opted for additional support. It works either way.

The Good About Casper Mattresses
One of the best things about Casper mattresses is the materials used. The 12″ thick mattress has four layers, including latex, memory foam, and high-density poly-foam. The cover is a soft polyester blend. This part is removable by zip, allowing it to be cleaned if needed. Easy to do.None of the ingredients contain any chemicals.

I also felt that these distinct layers made this one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever used. The materials and technology found in open-cell foam make the mattress bouncy while providing a way to keep it cool.

Memory foam also helps prevent overheating that occurs with many mattresses due to body heat.

more things to love
The combination of materials makes it comfortable and takes the pressure off my back without turning into a soft mattress that doesn’t provide the much-needed support. Whether I slept on my back, side or stomach, I

experienced a good night’s sleep without aches or pains in the morning. Plus, there’s not a lot of movement, so it helps if you share the bed and don’t want your sleep to be altered by the other person.

Other things I love about the Casper mattress is the 100 nights they give you to test it out. If you are not satisfied with it they will take it back for a full refund. Plus, they give you free shipping and returns. Their customer service representatives were responsive, professional and helpful.

what could be better
Of course, a downside is that typically, the mattress companies or retailer where you purchased the mattress will remove your old mattress. In this case and with most online bed-in-the-box companies, you’ll have to install your new mattress and figure out how to get rid of your old one.

You can get White Glove delivery free of charge for Wave and Wave Hybrid. White glove delivery is also available for Casper, Casper Hybrid and Essential for an additional fee, and for this service, they’ll take your old mattress as well as set up your new mattress.

The second issue is the price as it is still a relatively expensive option. I would have liked the five layers found in The Wave mattress, but for the king size bed I have, it was just too expensive for my budget.

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