Tips for Aspiring CEOs from People Hacker

In this episode of the How to CEO podcast, I have the privilege of speaking with Dr. Mark Goulston, a sought-after leadership expert. Whenever I talk to Mark, I always get a world of insight and inspiration within minutes. This podcast episode was no exception. Here are tips for aspiring CEOs from People Hacker, Dr. Mark Goulston.

Here are some of the highlights he and I talked about:

looking where you’re going and seeing where you’re going
The first point Goulston made was that “leaders go where they are looking, and managers see where they are going.” In other words, a leader must be above ground and have a vision beyond the horizon that no one else sees. But leaders need good managers.

A manager is performance-oriented and gets the job done (which can sometimes lead to conflict between leaders and managers.) CEOs are good at looking beyond the horizon, but they are often replaced by good COOs or other types of managers. is required to be controlled.

Continuing the above ideas, Mark told me that it is often hard to “stop” a visionary CEO. Visionaries move at speed, he explains, and that means they aren’t always flexible enough to pivot. Are you moving your vision so fast that you are unable to pivot or change course when needed?

To be open-minded and persuaded to close deals
Mark explained that a lot of CEOs try to explain right out of the gate. This is a mistake because you need to gain access to the other person’s mind before you can rush. If you try to convince someone when you come across them, you’ll come across as “annoyed or bored.”

Learn to Make Great Judgment Calls
To be a great leader, Mark advises that the ability to make productive or profitable decisions is essential. The secret to being a successful CEO is being able to make important decisions in strategy, people, and areas of crisis. You must have a vision for a product or service that solves a problem. But after that, it’s all about the ability to make successful decision-making under pressure.

Be able to make “wow”. Wow! Hmm. Yes!”
Great leaders can attract wonderful employees. I asked Mark for his advice on how a leader might get people involved in his team.

He told that working for CEOs like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk has been very difficult. Regardless, people are always looking for jobs at Tesla, SpaceX and Apple. Why? Because working for them is your “ride to the future”, as Mark said.

The employees of these companies become part of something bigger – even a part of “science fiction”. Are you a visionary? Do you have a vision that is so amazing that people will come to your company?

According to Mark, you need to follow the formula that Steve Jobs followed (and that Elon Musk follows today.) You have to make “Wow”. Wow! Hmm. Yes!” What does that mean? Listen to the episode for more details.

Don’t let a toxic workplace develop
Mark also gave some excellent advice on how to create a rewarding and productive work environment. Don’t be afraid to come to work because of someone else’s personality in your company. Don’t forgive abuse to earn money. Are you ready to live off money to maintain a healthy work environment?

Mark’s Most Admired CEO
I asked Mark which CEOs he admires the most. At the top of his list is Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. Why? A primary reason is that Satya is open-minded. He has a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset, and he’s a “learn-it-all”, not do-it-all.

Mark also discussed other traits to look for a valuable CEO and gave other excellent leadership advice. Be sure to listen to the podcast to hear more profitable advice.

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