How This Open-source Platform Delivers Measurable Benefits

Despite the many website building tools available, more and more enterprises are moving their website or blog section to WordPress. According to’s own statistics, 60 million websites around the world now rely on its platform. It accounts for about 34 percent of all websites and blogs.

And, the numbers keep rising as more enterprises realize the measurable benefits of using this content management system (CMS). Here are the benefits WordPress offers to companies of all sizes.

free software
With limited budgets, it is a cost-effective strategy for enterprises to take advantage of as many free tools and platforms as possible. While the WordPress ecosystem offers thousands of premium plugins and extensions for a small fee, its comprehensive CMS platform is free.

As part of the free version of WordPress, a company can have multiple users – often a feature that requires payment when using other software.

a well used tool
Most developers are familiar with WordPress and the PHP coding language. This makes it easier to connect with developer talent who can work with the company website and integrate other tools and platforms for more efficient operations. Since this is so widely known, other software companies and developers find ways to ensure that their tools and platforms work with this CMS.

Huge open-source community following
Because of this familiarity with the popular CMS platform, there is a large open-source community that contributes to WordPress by regularly creating new plugins, themes/designs, and features.

critical security
The platform is safe and secure as long as companies continue to update the WordPress version, which includes themes and plugins, they use for their websites and blogs. WordPress gets help from the open-source community that continually seeks and identifies any potential security vulnerabilities.

Additionally, WordPress has a formal team with over 50 security experts who focus solely on ways to improve the platform’s security features. Security issues are addressed quickly with real-time updates.

WordPress gives users the ability to access your website from any Internet-connected device. A company can enjoy complete control over its CMS instead of waiting for a web designer to complete a content change or simple site update such as a new page or blog post.

Control also extends to how a company allows team members to access the platform. For example, a WordPress site administrator may allow for multiple users while designing specific access levels and capabilities for each user.

user friendly
When a company employs user-friendly software, it means fewer resources on training, faster results, and greater productivity. WordPress offers ease of use with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create new pages and blog posts as well as embed videos and images.

The team does not need to know how to use HTML editing software or FTP software. Plus, it’s easy to set up things like an RSS feed, an email capture form for blogs, or adding a commenting system to your website

SEO Optimized
Every company wants to be seen and ranked high on search engines. Thanks to WordPress, which is well-loved by search engines, this purpose is within reach. WordPress uses clean, simple code and website structure to allow search engines to quickly read and index the site’s content.

Additionally, each page, post and image on the company’s website may use its own meta tags keyword, description and title for SEO optimization. To further the company’s SEO efforts, plugins like Yoast provide a straightforward process for selecting keywords and optimizing a page or post.

The plugin offers a red-light-green-light system, along with recommendations on what needs to be done to green-light a post or page for SEO. Along with tools that improve content and grammar, this SEO tool helps a company’s team improve their skill set in these important areas of marketing.

The wide range of plugins available means that WordPress is highly customizable, so company websites and blogs can reflect their brand image. These plugins also help with specific business needs to attract visitors, serve customers, and track results.

This includes adding features to the website, such as embedding an events calendar or video gallery. Plugins also provide a way to include a company’s Twitter feed, Facebook fan box, and other custom company content.

Exclusive Hosting Solutions
WordPress is scalable so it grows with companies as they need to add ten, hundred, or even a thousand pages or blog posts to their website.

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